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2010 In Review

on January 4, 2011

After writing my blog yesterday and making my 2011 To Do List and coming up with 80 items, lots of which were rollovers from last year it got me thinking….what did I actually accomplish in 2010?  And so here is a list of the items that I did accomplish last year and took off my to do list.  I don’t think I have 80 of them but here are the top 10.

  1.  I made it through my first year of motherhood and have a beautiful daughter to show for it.
  2. I embarked on a new career in the health and wellness industry as a Reiki practitioner
  3. I watched my Dad and brother win a bronze medal in an amazing ‘robot’ performance in Philly.  I know the medal isn’t my accomplishment but just being there was an accomplishment.
  4. I spent the entire summer at HR with my daughter and mom.  What an amazing time that was and memories I will never forget.
  5. I made a dent in de-cluttering our house and a dent is a good place to start.
  6. I finished my term as HR Secretary and apparently I did an adequate job.
  7. I have kept our house somewhat clean in the last year and this one is a challenge for me giving that I procrastinate and I have a 18 month old daughter
  8. I tried to live a better life by challenging myself to think outside of my own box and do things that were not in my comfort zone
  9. I managed to live this year within a very tight budget and am still swimming.
  10. I made it to 2011 a better person than I started 2010 as and that says it all doesn’t it!

As for the 2011 To Do list I have to admit that of the 80 items some of them have already been accomplished as they were small items put on there just so I could cross them off but I have also crossed off a few that have been on the list for a while which is a great feeling.

Looking back at 2010 gives a little more perspective to going forward with 2011 don’t you think?


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