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A Vision of Yourself

on January 23, 2011

Have you ever created a vision board? Have you ever really sat down and thought about what you really wanted in your life or how you wanted to really live your life?
It’s an interesting exercise. Funny that when you picture your ideal life in the future it is probably very different from the life you are currently living. But there are parts of the live you are currently living that are leading you to that ideal life in the future and that gives me reason to pause and think.
All of your past experiences have created the person you are now so when you are thinking about those goals for the future, what experiences do you need to have to reach those goals? Those experiences are the milestones to ultimately reaching your goal. And maybe you never actually reach that goal but imagine all of the experiences you have had along the way.
When building a vision board this is something to consider. You may have an ultimate goal or desire in mind but what experiences would you like to have while getting to that goal. You may just want to add these to your vision board as well.
Just some food for thought as I prepare to host a Vision Board workshop this coming week.


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