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The Advent of Christmas

on December 9, 2011

When I was growing up we always had an advent calendar, you know the kind with the ‘chocolates’ behind each door.  Each door my brother and I would see what shape our chocolate was.  It also was lots of fun and one of the many traditions that I looked forward to.   I wanted to share this tradition with my 2 year old daughter but I didn’t want to feed her chocolate everyday so I did a little research and checked out crafts on the Momstown website as well as Pinterest and came up with my own twist on the advent calendar.  The idea was to create a holder for each day and have a different activity for each day.  In each holder would be a surprise that would lead to the activity.

Day 1 was the day that we sat and decorated each of the bags.  I have to admit that I think my Mom and I had more fun doing this then my daughter.   We started with blank paper lunch bags, some markers, Christmas stickers and the string you would use to hang Christmas cards from.  We tried to decorate each bag with a hint of the activity for the day.  When all the bags were decorated we hung them up on the string.  After my daughter went to bed that night I set to work filling each of the bags with the activities surprises for each day.






On Day 2 we wrote our letter to Santa.  My daughter went through the Toys’r’us flyer and pointed to ALL the items she wanted for Christmas and we wrote them down.  We then decorated the letter with stickers and signed her name.  Very simple but a great activity to do with a little person.

Day 3 was a magic Christmas tree.  Just add water and see the tree grow and bloom.  And yes you can actually watch it grow, pretty cool even for bigger kids. Although my daughter wanted to touch it and some fell off but the beauty is if it falls off just add a little more water and it soaks back into the tree and grows again.  (Note: this surprise was purchased at the Dollarama)







On day 4 we put up the Christmas tree.  This year I thought instead of putting up all the ornaments we had that matched and making a “pretty” tree we would use all the mismatched ornaments and add to the tree as we went as part of the advent surprises.  So the tree is pretty bare right now and if you look closely at the picture lots of the ornaments are closer to the bottom of the tree and mostly in the same space.  Usually a clue that a little person has done most of the decorating.

Day 5 we were to make a trip to visit Santa but this year my daughter has no interest in visiting Santa at all.  Not even a walk by seems to be okay with her this year.  So we have foregone this activity this year.  I am looking for alternatives to the visit to Santa.  Of course I need the traditional Christmas picture so once the tree is complete we will be taking a picture in front of the tree this year instead.  Maybe a cut-out of Santa behind will be in order?!

Day 6 was my daughter’s turn to decorate some of the house for the holidays.  Cling decorations were her job.  The front door, her bedroom window and the living room window have all been decorated with snowflakes, teddy bears and angels.  We usually have clingy decorations on our door throughout the year as this is something my daughter can do on her own and move around from the door to the living room window as she pleases.

Day 7 was Christmas cards. This idea actually came to me while reading a kids Christmas book.  We made small cards out of construction paper and got messy finger painting.  I put lots of white paint in a tray and in went both hands to make hand prints on the front of the cards.  This is as far as we got with this activity as the hand prints needed to dry before moving on.  No pictures of this one, don’t want to ruin the surprise for those that are actually getting the cards for the holidays!

Yesterday was Christmas music day.  In the advent bag today is the Mickey Mouse Christmas CD for my daughter and Michael Buble for mommy!  I have to admit that the Michael Buble CD does not meet my Christmas CD requirement but I could not pass it up this year.  Each year I purchase a new Christmas CD to add to my collection.  The requirement for the CD is that it must contain my favourite Christmas carol, Carol of the Bells.  Regardless, tonight while making dinner Mickey Mouse and Michael Buble will be singing holiday songs.  There might even be a little dancing happening as well.

Stay tuned to what surprises are in store for the rest of the advent calendar….


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