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Snowflakes, Loop Chains, Candy Canes and Gingerbread Men

on December 15, 2011

My daughter is starting to get the idea behind this advent calendar, well at least the idea that she gets a new activity or craft everyday to do.  She asks every morning if she can open another bag and then again around dinner she wants to open another.  It is fun that she is excited to see what is in the bag even if once she sees she is not necessarily interested in doing the activity.

For example, on Day 12 we made gel snowflakes that you can stick to the window.  I learned two things doing this activity.  One that it was a little too much for a two year old to handle and second , that wax paper is not created equal on both sides!

If you want to try this one out you will need paper and pencil, cookie sheet, waxed paper and dimensional fabric paint.  First draw your snowflakes or find some to download from the internet (this activity can be found at and they have templates to download).  Next lay your template under the wax paper face up.  I taped our templates to the wax paper and of course make sure the waxy side of the wax paper is face up otherwise your snowflakes stick like ours did.  Then trace the snowflakes using the fabric paint onto the wax paper.  Allow the snowflakes to dry overnight and then carefully peel them from the waxed paper.  Below is a picture of our snowflakes, you may notice that 2 year olds like to glob the paint instead of draw lines but they still look very pretty.


On day 13 we made Gingerbread Snowmen.  My mom and I attended the One of a Kind show at the end of November and picked up a Decorating Fun Kit from Mad Batter Bakers ( which contained 6 gingerbread men, icing sugar, sprinkles and small M&M’s, all the items you would need to make 6 gingerbread (snow)men.  Unless of course one of them gets eaten as soon as the package was opened!


So my mom, myself and daughter decorated the remaining 5 gingerbread snowmen.  Can you guess which ones the two year old did?!


Day 14 brought more decorations for the Christmas tree.  This time in the form of a long chain loop, remember when you were a kid and you would make these at school and bring them home.  This time this was a Daddy/Daughter project as I was heading out.  Turned out pretty good!


And today is time to share some Candy Canes with our friends!


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