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Movies (or Books) and Popcorn

on December 17, 2011

Well the big day is getting closer and closer and besides our advent activities we have done a few other Christmas related activities both of which had to do with Santa Claus.

Since my daughter is still very addiment she does not want to go visit Santa I had been trying to come up with an idea of how to still include Santa in our holiday spirit.  This past week a friend had posted a link to receive a video message from Santa so I checked it out.  We had a message sent to our daughter with pictures included and the determination that she was in fact on the “Nice” list.  Watching her face was awesome as she could not take her eyes off the computer screen to watch this video sent to her by Santa.  (Check out www.  Admittedly when you ask my daughter if she has been a good girl she will reply No, she has been naughty!

This past weekend I also finally mailed the Christmas cards that we made on Day 7.  While we were at the post office we mailed my daughter’s letter to Santa.  On the way there she didn’t want to do it, I think she was thinking she would have to see Santa but when we got there she actually tried to give it to the clerk at the counter.  After she helped me put the stamps on the envelopes we mailed all the letters including her letter to Santa in the special “letters to Santa” mailbox.  Note: pictures will be posted of the Christmas cards once I know they have been received.  Don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Day 16 (Friday) was supposed to be movie night.  I had picked Sound of Music to watch.  My daughter loves musicals and she has never seen Sound of Music and it is one of my favourites.  Unfortunately I had forgotten that our DVD player was not hooked up and really didn’t feel like playing around with cables and such to watch the movie so we opted to watch a Christmas special on TVO.  Later that night I ran across a Frosty the Snowman book and decided to put that in the bag instead for her to open the following day.

And so, Day 17 was popcorn and books.  She opened the bag with the Frosty book and immediately asked me to read it.  We also made popcorn strings for the Christmas tree.  By we, I mean my husband and I.  My daughter had more fun watching the popcorn be made in the popcorn popper and actually eating the popcorn.  While we made the strings and she ate the popcorn we put on Toy Story 2 at her request.

We also hung the Gingerbread ornaments we made on Day 11.  Check out how our tree is coming along.


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