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Wishing for Snow with our Angels

on December 21, 2011

What day is it again?!  So much is going on with this holiday season and trying to keep track of it all has had its challenges.  I can’t wait to sit back on Christmas Eve with a nice glass of wine and just enjoy all that has lead up to that moment…ahhh!  And now back to reality….

On Day 18 we made our own choir of angels (and by we, I mean Daddy and I but it was still fun).  This craft comes courtesy of the Aylmer Express although I didn’t really follow the instructions very well but I love how they turned out.  You can also use these instructions to make Reindeer, Elves or Santa’s.

What you will need:

wooden spoon(s)

Pink paint (we didn’t use this)

 White and pink felt (we used construction paper)

 Yellow wool (we used ribbon)

 Wiggle eyes

 Gold card (again we used construction paper)

Gold pipe cleaner (we used white)



Sticky tape



Paint the spoon pink and leave to dry.  We didn’t paint the spoons.

Make the dress by cutting a quarter circle of white felt (or construction paper).  Roll into a cone around the spoon.  Glue around the neck and up the back of the cone to secure.  (This is where my daughter lost interest in the craft)

Cut two arms from white foam and two hands from pink (or construction paper).  Glue one hand to the end of each arm and the other ends of the arms to the body.

Glue on some wool as hair (tape on some ribbon)

Make a halo by twisting a pipe cleaner into shape and taping it to the back of the head.

Cut wings from gold card (construction paper) and glue them to the angel’s back.

Finally, add two eyes and draw on a face.



On day 19 we went Christmas present shopping (again!).  Only two more gifts to get which I can’t get until later in the week anyway.


Day 20 was a busy craft day.  We made paper snowflakes to put on the tree hoping that they might entice Mother Nature to sprinkle us with a little of the white stuff in time for Christmas. 

We also made bells out of an empty egg carton.  Just cut up the egg carton, paint any colour you wish, poke a hole in the top and string a pipe cleaner through.  Tie a knot in the end of the pipe cleaner inside the egg carton and loop the other end to hang on the tree or attached to gifts.  Which is the other thing that we did today and that was to wrap some of our gifts to put under the tree, my daughter even wrapped her own special gift for her friend all by herself!


The rest of the week brings lots more fun activities leading up to the big day.  Stay tuned!


One response to “Wishing for Snow with our Angels

  1. Jean says:

    I really liked the way the angels turned out. Glad you are having fun making crafts. Craft making is so relaxing and fun especially this time of year. Can’t wait to see the rest of the crafts that you make.

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