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2011 in Review and moving forward to 2012

on January 5, 2012

The last few days I have spent some time looking back over 2011 and seeing what I accomplished over the last year.  I pulled out my 2011 To Do list (remember the one with 80 items on it) from under my pile of paperwork and looked it over to see if there were some things I could cross off the list as completed.  I did manage to cross off a few of the items as complete and a few more as not relevant anymore, funny how that works. 

Looking over the list made me think that I really hadn’t accomplished a whole lot as there are still a lot of items there that didn’t get done.  But then I think about my year and I actually reached a number of my goals or intentions that were not even on that list.  I graduated from my yoga teacher training program, that is a huge accomplishment as it took me away from my family and consumed all aspects of my life.  While completing this training I still managed to keep my business afloat, raise my beautiful daughter and enjoy my family.  No matter how long the “to do” list is those things are far more important, especially my family.

The idea of looking over the last year is to leave it behind and move forward into the new year and so with that thought in mind I created a new goals list and have started work on a new vision board for 2012.  I may carry over some of the tasks that I really just procrastinated (or forgot about) last year but I believe that a new start is in order and if those old tasks come up again then this time they will get done but if they don’t reappear then obviously they really didn’t need to be part of the list in the first place.

And so here is to new goals, intentions and accomplishments in 2012!


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