Believe In

What do you Believe In?

emiT gnisreveR

on January 13, 2012

Yesterday I was thinking about what to write to a blog post this week and I really didn’t have any ideas that stuck in my head and said that is a great idea so I thought I would sleep on it and see what tomorrow (today) would bring.

And wouldn’t you know it, today did bring an idea!

I have a friend who founded a business called The Beanstalk Project.  The idea behind this ‘project’ is to empower students to believe they can make a change.  Check out the website for more information about the programs and people involved.

Everyday their is a Beanstalk Idea (@beanstalkideas) published.  This daily creative activity is a fun, creative activity to get kids (and adults) minds to think outside of the box.  Well today’s Daily Creative Activity was the following – Sdrawkcab Gnitirw – Check out today’s Daily Creative Activity – 5 Minutes of Fun for your Mind!

This got me thinking…this would be a great blog post so here goes.

.enod lla ti teg ot yad a ni emit hguone ton tsuj si ereht hguoht sa leef yllausu I efiw dna ruenerpretnE, moM emit lluf a gnieB.  erom emit taht hsirehc dna rethguad ym htiw emit erom dneps dluow I, em roF  .emit esrever ot tnaw uoy dluow yhw tub noitseuq siht ot rewsna ralupop tsom eht ylbaborp si siht erus ma I.  emit esrever dluoc I hsiw I syad tsoM

?esrever uoy dluow tahW

Leave me a comment and let me know if you could read this post or if you tried out the Daily Creative Idea!


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