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Story of my Cold – Day 1

on February 12, 2012

I know what you are thinking.  Why would I want to read about your cold when I have suffered through my own this season?  Well I can’t answer that for you but if you are like me you might want to continue reading to see how I beat my cold using mostly natural remedies.  And besides misery loves company right?!

It started out at that tickle.  Not the one that makes you laugh out loud but the one in your throat that makes you curse because you know what is coming next…the dreaded cold or flu.

So being like most people I headed for the drug store only this time I headed to the natural section of the drug store.  I picked up a bottle of Zinc lozenges with Vitamin C and Echinacea as well as some Echinacea tablets.  The Zinc lozenges were for my sore throat.  If you have ever suffered from a severe sore throat I would recommend the zinc lozenges, they really do work.  And of course we have all heard about the wonders of Echinacea in combating a cold or flu.  It works to boost your immune system to resist the virus or help prevent it from spreading .

That night I also gave myself a Reiki treatment.  Reiki brings needed energy to your body to allow your body to start to heal itself.

My hope was with this combination I would not end up with a full-blown cold or flu over night but actually the opposite and not be struck at all.

To be continued…


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