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Story of my Cold – Day 5

on February 17, 2012

And I awoke this morning feeling 100% better.  I still am a little stuffed up and have a small cough but overall I was functioning.  My daughter actually jumped up and down when she asked if I was feeling better and I answered yes.

I did some yoga this evening to help loosen up those tight muscles that have been doing nothing for the last few days.  As my chiropractic friend  Dr. Maggie D has said, we as humans are not meant to sit and lay, we are meant to get up and move.

Tomorrow I intend on having an infrared sauna at Hamilton Health and Wellness.

So to recap

I only took one OTC, which was ibuprofen to relieve the pounding headache I felt.  I used natural remedies such as Echinacea and Zinc to help with keep the cold at bay.  I soaked in a bath with epsom salts to relieve the tension in my aching muscles.  I treated myself to Reiki to allow my body the opportunity to heal itself. I also treated myself to a hot sauna to help get rid of the remaining toxins in my body.  I also used the power of word and thought (law of attraction).  But mostly I rested, allowing my body do what it needed to do in order to heal.


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