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Popularity Contest?!

on April 24, 2012

Sometimes using social media for my business feels like high school all over again.  A big popularity contest!  And I will be the first to admit that I was not one of the “cool, popular” kids in high school.

But alas, I know social media has great reach and is good for my business.  I am not blind to that fact and that is the reason I am creating this contest….

For the 500th person to like, follow or subscribe to Believe In… there will be a prize for both you and the person who recommended Believe In… to you.

Let’s see just how far I can extend my reach and grow my business audience by the end of next month.  Oh yeah, did I mention the contest ends, May 31st at midnight EST.

So why should you like, follow or subscribe is probably the question you are asking so here is a little bit about me.  I own a business called Believe In…(some day I might write a post about why that is the name and how it came to be), I am a Mom, a Reiki practitioner, a My Smart Hands baby sign language instructor and a Hatha yoga instructor.  Those are just a few of the things that I tweet, blog and post about.  Here is more information about me.  

LIKE  on Facebook – Believe In…

FOLLOW  on Twitter – @AngieBelieveIn

SUBSCRIBE to blog –

Remember the 500th like, follow or subscribe wins a prize as well as the person who shared, RT’d or forwarded.  So please share, RT and/or forward to as many people as possible!

Ready…. Go!


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