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Start of the 2012 Advent Calendar

on December 9, 2012

For those of you who follow my blog (which I haven’t written anything in ages) might remember that last year I did a 25 days of Christmas Advent calendar with my daughter.  Instead of buying the chocolate calendar that I used to have as a kid I decided to create my own twist with fun holiday activities everyday to countdown until Christmas.

Well this year’s advent got off to a slow start.  Planning wasn’t quite in place for the first of December and little people didn’t seem to be all that interested in getting it going either at the beginning.

As we did last year the idea is to decorate paper bags and hang them up with the advent prize or activity inside.  As you will see from the picture below Mommy did most of the decorating this year and the whole thing didn’t actually get put up until the 4th.  We did however have some advent activities before the actual calendar itself went up.

Advent with Tree

On the 1st we attended a fantastic Christmas show put on by the Hamilton Harbourtown Sound chorus of which my Dad is a member (pictured below with his quartet Potluck).  What a great show, the singing was awesome and the entire show was very entertaining.  Definitely add to next year’s advent!   By the way, they are “Who’s” from Whoville.

Potluck at Hamilton Christmas Show

The next three days are somewhat of a blur regarding the advent calendar.  We did get the tree up and decorate the rest of the house except the front door and windows which still aren’t done.  Like I said there is a certain little person not being so cooperative this year.  We also still need to write our letter to Santa.

On December 5th we made Rice Krispie Treats Holiday Train Kit.  I will tell you that this one was a huge hit (thank you Grandpa and Grandma) and fun was had by all making and eating the treats.  Can you tell which train is mine and which is daughter’s?

Mommy's Train Samantha's Train

On the 6th I actually forgot to put the craft in the bag which was supposed to be to make a popcorn string or loop chain for the Christmas tree so we didn’t do anything.  (Bad Mommy!)  We (I) did however make it on later in the week.

On the 7th we did have a hot chocolate day.  This is actually one of our favourite drinks in the house especially on cold, wet days.  If anyone has a great hot chocolate recipe or brand they love let me know, I would like to find something with a little less sugar.

On Saturday, December 8th we had a great family afternoon making Christmas decorations for the tree courtesy of my Mom who is a great craft lady (just ask any of the Harmony Ranch kids or her “Little”).  Check out the Santa’s Daddy and daughter made!

Santa Ornaments

Hopefully the next week will go a little more smoothly!  I will keep you posted.   If you have any favourite holiday activities or plans I would love to hear them.


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