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More Advent Fun

on December 16, 2012

This week saw some progress in the excitement of my daughter in the advent activities, she actually asked to see what was in the advent bags this week.  It also saw some slow down of Mommy as I was out for the count for a couple of days, and now we play catch up.

Here is what we have been up to –

Dec 9th – We decorated a gingerbread house.  I think it turned out great.  Let me know what you think. To date the roof is mostly gone!

Gingerbread House BeforeGingerbread House










Dec 10th – We made Gingerbread snowmen to go with the Gingerbread house!  They were lots of fun.  Note to self though, don’t leave a 3 year old with icing and a cookie, the first snowman almost had all of the icing on it!

Gingerbread Snowmen

Dec 11th – In hopes that we might actually get a white Christmas we made snowflakes out of coffee filters and a snowman face out of paper plates (craft courtesy of Grandma)

Dec 12th – I took a chance that daughter would actually get her picture taken with Santa.  Turns out she did with Mommy in the picture as well (and no I didn’t sit on Santa’s knee).  I don’t think daughter even saw Santa even though we were sitting next to him, Mommy makes a good buffer!

Dec 13th – Mommy was out for the count and it’s a good thing daughter didn’t ask about the advent today because it was supposed to be holiday baking day.  That was not happening!

Dec 14th – We did a family advent activity.  We stopped and got hot chocolate, coffee and tea from Timmies and went for a drive to see some Christmas lights around town.  We visited Ancaster town hall, it might be small but what a beautiful display!  And we took a drive to Burlington to the waterfront to take a look and ended up on Spruce Ave near Appleby Line where there is a house that has ever imaginable blow up Christmas decoration there is!

Dec 15th – We played with Christmas card puzzles (took the idea from the preschool).  Just cut up the front of old Christmas cards into puzzle pieces.  Daughter loves puzzles so this was a great idea!

Card Puzzles

Dec 16th – Today was are sorting through toys to make room for new ones Santa will bring.  Daughter has already told me that I can do this, she will watch TV!  Kind of defects the purpose of teaching the lesson of donating old toys to those that need them!  Oh well, she is only 3!

We are also planning on getting the holiday baking done today.  We will not be keeping them all.  There will be enough to give to the neighbours as a gesture of the holidays.

Enjoy the last week and a bit before Christmas!  And cuddle your little ones a little closer.


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