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Merry Christmas

on December 25, 2012

First and foremost let me wish you a very merry Christmas.  I hope your day is filled with lots of love and laughter surrounded by friends and family.

In the days leading up to today we were very busy around our house doing lots of Christmas stuff and just having lots of fun.

We wrapped presents, delivered cookies to the neighbours (who all seemed genuinely surprised), did a few crafts that were left over from previous days, finished up a few gifts that needed to be completed.

It is also the season for Random Acts of Kindness (as every season should be) and so with that in mind at two different stores I bought a bouquet of flowers.  At the first store I asked the cashier to hand out a flower to each of the following customers.  At the second store I asked that each of the cashiers receive a flower from the bouquet.  I only hope that these flowers brightened at least one person’s day.

On Christmas Eve day we baked cookies to leave out for Santa, Mrs Claus and the elves, as per the 3-year-old.   Our Christmas eve traditions stem from some of my own traditions as a kid.  Daughter sets out a plate of cookies for Santa and this year for Mrs Claus and the elves as well.  We also leave carrots for the reindeer and go outside a scattered Magic Reindeer Food so that Santa will find his way to our house.  It has also always been a tradition in my house to get one gift on Christmas Eve (beware if your parents have figured out you peaked at the gifts for this one!).  I always liked the tradition of new pajamas for Christmas Eve gifts so that is what we have started in our house.  Bath and then a gift to wear to bed.  And of course story time is always Twas the Night Before Christmas.

And then Mommy has a tradition of her own.  I uncork a bottle of wine and begin the wrapping of the little ones Christmas presents while listening to my favourite Christmas music.

Hope you enjoyed our advent for this year and maybe it has given you some ideas of your own.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!



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