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Mantra Monday – Peace

on October 21, 2013

OM Shanti OM – the mantra of peace

With this particular mantra it is most often chanted 108 times.  Why 108 you ask?  Well there are many reasons (see Meaning of 108).  My personal favourite reason is that there are Energy lines intersecting every chakra and there is said to be 108 lines converging to and from the Heart chakra.

By repeating this mantra you will eventually find your own inner peace.

I will admit that this mantra is one I need to work on.  Most often when chanting this mantra I feel the tension creep into my body and mind.  I know that this is my reminder to let go and find my inner peace.  One day I am sure that I will have a great release and this will happen.  Until then I will continue to chant, Om Shanti Om.





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