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Pay it Forward – Goodwill & Kindness

on December 23, 2013


At the beginning of the month I challenged people to find a time a place to do something nice for a complete stranger.

Much to my surprise I have been witness, been told about and been a part of a few acts of goodwill and kindness this month.

My mother decided to participate in doing something nice for a complete stranger during our annual trip to the One of a Kind show this year.  She happened to have a couple of extra tickets and so instead of them going to waste she gave them away to another Mother and Daughter duo who hadn’t purchased their tickets yet.  I was so glad to see that someone had read my post, I know it was my Mom and she’s kinda obligated but still.  And that this person decided to act and pass along a little good will.

I also heard about someone else who decided to share their looney at the tire air pump.  May not seem like much but it is something and it benefited both individuals.  The man trying to fill his tire only had quarters and the machine only took loonies.  As it turned out they both only had one tire each to fill so they decided to share the second man’s looney and get both tires filled.  While they were filling their tires they got to talking and the ‘quarter’ man reminded the ‘looney’ man to make the most of his time with his daughter as sometimes life is too short as was the case with his own 20 year old daughter who was killed last year when her car was hit by a transport truck tire that came loose and crossed over the highway and hit her car.  Myself, I believe everything happens for a reason and that these two people were meant to have that conversation and share their ‘air’.

As for me, I took my daughter out for dinner the other night before doing a little Christmas shopping.  There in the restaurant was an older man eating dinner by himself.  I figured it was a perfect opportunity to share a little of my goodwill and show my daughter the power of a small act of kindness at the same time.  And so I asked the waitress to add his meal to our bill.  As we were finishing our meal the gentleman came over to our corner to thank us except I was busy goofing around with my daughter and didn’t really notice and he accidently thanked the wrong table for paying for his meal (remember I said I believe everything happens for a reason).  The waitress came over and told him it was actually our table.  He turned to us and just looked and then finally said “but you don’t even know me” to which I said, “no I don’t.”.  The gentleman was speechless and asked why him.  I just let him know that I picked him out of the crowd and wished him a very Merry Christmas.  He wished us a Merry Christmas as well and was on his way still stunned that a complete stranger had paid for his meal. 

This presented a wonderful opportunity for me to show my daughter the power of being kind to others.

When the other table got up to leave one of the men from that table came by to shake my hand and tell me it was a wonderful thing that I did paying for the other man’s meal.  On our way out of the restaurant I had a few waitresses stop us and tell us the same thing.  It was nice that one act of kindness and goodwill was having an effect on so many others.

Then it was my turn to have a surprise act of kindness and goodwill.  When we arrived home that night there were a few Christmas cards in the mail.  One of them was addressed to my daughter; it was from a very kind gentleman we met this summer at the Barbershop Harmony Society International in Toronto.  This man spent hours playing with my daughter and keeping her entertained while I worked on the Daily Bulletin.  Well it would appear she made an impression as in the card was a lovely letter telling her that Santa wasn’t quite sure what to get her for Christmas and asked that I make a choice for her with the best wishes enclosed (a cheque).  To say I was stunned would be an understatement.  I was in tears (and writing this now brings a tear to my eye).

I am in awe of the kindness and generosity of this lovely man and the others who completed an act of goodwill and kindness.  There is still time!  Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and Good will to all!



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