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Earth Hour Rejuvenation Challenge

on March 29, 2014

Anyone else been having a rough go of it lately?  In the last month we have had a snow storm (after this winter I was already done!), a power outage and sickness; and that’s just in my house.  I also know people who have had car accidents, tough hospital stays and even some personal injury.  And these are all the physical ailments, what about the emotional issues people are struggling with?

The way I see it March came in like a lion and I would like to see it go out like a lamb.  We need to put some positive energy out there!

So here’s my challenge…

Tonight while the Earth is rejuvenating during Earth Hour (8:30-930 pm) take some time to rejuvenate yourself.  Help send positive energy to the universe.

Not sure how to do that?  Well you’re in luck, here are a few suggestions:

– make a list of the things, people, places you are grateful for

– journal

– sit quietly and take in the stillness around you

-into yoga?  Roll out your mat for a candlelight practice

-meditate (you knew that would be on the list)

-Play games with your family

-go for a walk

-Practice any form of energy healing on yourself or someone else (i.e. Reiki, EFT, TT)

-practice candle breath (pranayama)

Generally find something that brings you happiness, peace and positive energy.

I would love to hear other suggestion you may have.  Let’s bring as much positive energy as we can to the universe.  Forward to friends and family and challenge them!

Remember out like a lamb and everyone/thing needs some positive energy (including Mother Nature)!




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