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March 2015

*  I just wanted to let you know that we’re having a sign language explosion in our house. D is picking up new signs quickly now, sometimes two a day.

She doesn’t always remember them on her own, but if we ask her with a sign, she will wait for the sign she means and then repeat it back when we do the sign for what she wants.

It’s awesome. Thanks again.

January 2015

*  Hi Angie!

We’re pretty sure that D is signing “All Done” after meals. At first, if we thought she was done, we’d sign it to her and finish up. Then one day, when we signed to her, she smiled and clapped, so we figured she understood.

For the last five or six meals, when she’s done, she holds both hands in the air, fingers wide, and smiles at us. Then when we repeat it to her, she smiles and claps, and waits to be cleaned off and let out of her chair.

She doesn’t wiggle her hands, but she doesn’t do that motion for anything else.

She’s just shy of ten months. What do you think?


I would say you have D’s version of “all done”!  That is very exciting.
I love getting emails like this one!
In harmony
Hooray!Just in time to show her off at my family’s house this weekend. Bet they’ll start using their signs now!Thanks! This is exciting.Have a great day!
October 2014

* Just wanted to share something awesome with you!

We’ve been singing the ABC’s a lot, and last night D held up her hand and started moving it. Nowhere close to the correct letters, but absolutely mimicking the idea. I called my husband in to make sure I wasn’t just imagining it.

So cool.

Thanks again,

November 2012

* Great Instructor!  She really taught us a lot! – Tricia Level 1 MSH Private Student

August 2012

* I have to say thank you for the treatment yesterday. Last night was the best sleep that I have had in months! You are awesome.

* Just wanted to let you know R did her first sign today!!! It was “more”. We hadn’t used it for awhile and kind of introduced it again a few days ago.  Now I have to pull out my books and refresh myself!

June 2012

* Hi Angie… I just want you to know how much we’ve enjoyed the classes and your patient instruction…it was lots of fun spending time together!  Best to you- I love signing the license plates!

February 2012

* Just wanted to share this with you lovely ladies.

N started signing “where” (albeit the british one!) but today, I asked if she wanted milk and did the sign as always and she started copying me!

Love it!

Lena G

*  I look forward to our first sign also.  D becomes excited when we sign “finished” but I am not sure if she is happy about finishing her meal or if she finds the sign itself amusing.


* Thank you so much Angie!  I really enjoy your (yoga) class…I am blessed to have found you…

Thanks a million Angie…I meant to say that not only my body reflects your energy, but my soul as well…now that’s Harmony!


September 2011

* Since I had first heard of Reiki, I was skeptical in its healing abilities.  I have used a chiropractor and registered massage therapist in the past with good success.  A while ago, I injured my lower leg/ankle while running.  I went to my regular RMT to have it treated with limited and short term success.  I had given in to the fact that it was just one of those nagging injuries that was going to take a long time to fully heal.  A friend suggested that I try Reiki.  Although I was still just as skeptical, I figured I had nothing to lose.  When Angie started the treatment, the first thing that immediately struck me was the incredible heat in her hands, not from hot water or any external source.  The other thing I noticed is that although she was just holding the back of my ankle, after a few minutes, I could feel the heat and energy rising up past my knee.  It’s difficult to explain the sensation but it felt very good and was very soothing.  After a 30 minute treatment, all the pain was gone.  I rotated my ankle all around but still no pain.  I thought to myself, this can’t be true and it will only be temporary.  I was wrong.  The next morning it felt just as good and I was able to go for a long pain free run.  The injury was healed.  I have since gone back for more treatments and will continue to go back.
Thank you Angie for your incredible hands.
Brent – A “former” skeptic

June 2011

* Hey Angie,

I hope you’re having a great summer so far!

I just had to let you know that E has signed both the ‘milk’ and ‘food’ signs to me over the last couple of days! Yesterday when I showed her the bottle of milk, she made the sign for it. I was so excited to see her little hand making the signs! It’s so cute. I don’t think she’s quite to the point where she knows to use the sign to ask for something, but still a big step! I’ve been incorporating other signs lately as well, but not as consistently as milk and food – so now I’ll definitely have to start using more.


November 2010

* Hello Angie
It was a privilege for me to have a Reiki session with you I got to see all of my chakra’s.
And my personal Reiki healers that came in while you were working on me. I felt myself leaving then coming back. It was a great flight.
I kept something from you I am A Reiki Master Teacher and you my dear are a great light worker. I didn’t want you to know as I wanted you to treat me like a first time client. I figure even a Reiki Master needs Reiki as well. I felt great and you also introduced me to one of my new guides the little girl we heard she is my fun guide her name is Alice.I have felt her around me,but i guess I have been to busy to listen to her.That’s my sign that I need to have more fun and less work. Thank you sooo much again for the great in lightning.
Peace & Love
Carrie C
Reiki Master Teacher


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