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My Smart Hands Everyday Signs Flash Cards are a great learning tool to use with your child. Parents and teachers not only use our cards for teaching sign language but so much more!

26 ABC Signs:

apple, brown, candy, down, elephant, friend, gorilla, hen, ice cream, jog, kangaroo, log, monkey, net, octopus, pet, quarter, rain, strawberry, train, umbrella, van, water, xylophone, yellow, zoo

**ABC flash card deck comes with a free download of our popular You Tube Alphabet Song


30 Everyday Signs:

ball, banana, bath, bed, bird, book, boy, car, cat, cereal, cheese, cookie, cracker, daddy, dog, drink, eat, finished, fish, girl, help, I love you, milk, mommy, more, play, please, sleepy, thank you, water


These great flash cards are fully laminated, come with a detachable ring, have upper and lowercase letters and each have different colours on the cards making them multi-educational!

Contact Angie at to place your order.


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